How does the Community Hub work

Donations Arrive at Our Centre
Non perishable food and toiletries are donated by local businesses, schools, churches and individuals. Perishable fresh food is donated by supermarkets and local retailers


Food and Toiletries are made into Parcels

Volunteers make up parcels with food and essential personal toiletries to feed supported people and families. Each food parcel contains a wide range of fresh produce in addition to tinned and packet items to provide a nutritious diet. We also include a range of toiletries when requested


Professionals Identify People in Need

Food Facts Friends works with care professionals, including Children First, Women’s Aid, Home Link, NHS GPs as part of the Living Well programme, Citizens Advice Bureau, Homeless Accommodations and Midlothian Council


How do I get Help from FFF
To receive Community Hub support you must first be ‘Referred’ by charitable or government agencies

  • Children First
  • Women’s Aid
  • Home Link
  • NHS GPs as part of the Living Well programme
  • Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Homeless Accommodations
  • Midlothian Council